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With years of experience as a leading moving company, we have the people, the experience and the right tools to make your long distance move a success. Our College Station-based company is here to take the weight of the move off your shoulders, no matter what the distance.

Known for providing packing supplies, storage solutions and exceptional moving services to people all across the US, we’ve gained quite the reputation in the industry. Our aim is to consistently focus on providing customers with an unforgettable and seamless long-distance experience. We’re well aware that moving can be draining — both physically and emotionally, and that’s where we step in. Our team of professional out of state movers uses specialized knowledge to do what they do best — move you across town in an efficient and stress-free way.

The term “easy” isn’t something that you typically associate with out of state moving. Our state to state movers remove the complexities and time-consuming processes from the equation by exercising years of moving experience in providing top-notch services for long-haul moves. From providing cost estimates and guiding you on services that’ll best suit your situation to walking you through your moving day, Aggie Movers Company aims to cover all aspects of your move.

People often opt for the DYI approach to moving but they underestimate the hefty costs associated with moving on their own. From the loss of items and resulting breakage, to the right kind of equipment required to move large items— it can get pretty expensive. Whereas we don’t just provide moving services but also the storage and packing solutions needed for a long distance move. This means that the logistics become the responsibility of our out of town movers, giving you the time to focus on more important things during your move such as making accommodations for your pets, managing work responsibilities and not to mention preparing your family and yourself for this life transition.

Every long distance move has varying needs. Make sure that the out of town movers you vet have the expertise to handle your moving needs as well as provide the flexibility of adding on various services like storage solutions and post-move cleaning services. This is the reason why we strive to not only provide a transparent moving quote but also incorporate an increased level of communication between the clients and our long distance movers. Our processes are comprehensive and customer-centric. Our move coordinator also keeps in touch with the customers for support and questions all along the way.

Aggie Movers Company in College Town is proud to offer premium moving services — both local as well nationwide. As leaders in managing long-distance moves, we offer competitive pricing and services. If you’re looking for a professional moving company that puts customers’ needs first, fill in the form for a free quote now, or get in touch with our customer representative for advanced bookings!

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