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4 Different Packing Material You Need For Moving

Packing is a difficult job on its own. The last thing you want is for the packing boxes to tear under pressure and your fragile crockery shatter to pieces. This is why you need strong and sturdy packing material that suits your needs.

There are almost 35.5 million Americans on the move to new homes each year. With a number this large, there’s a matching need to brush up your packing skills.

Moving your cartons safely from one place to another is not the only way you can ensure that your valuables are safe inside. The packing material is equally important at preventing mishaps.

But when it comes to packing, there’s no one size fits all solution. You need different supplies for different kinds of things. Here are 4 different packing materials you’ll need while moving.

Packing Boxes

Strong, cardboard boxes are by far the most essential packing material you’ll need for boxing all your items safely. You may have old cartons lying around in the attic from the time you bought the new TV but if they’re old and rotten, they’re useless. You need fresh, new boxes so that they don’t end up doing more damage to your things.

It’s better to start by listing down all the things you’re planning to take, those you’ll donate or trash, and the ones you’ll recycle. Once you have a clear idea of how much you need to pack, you can buy packing boxes accordingly. A good tip for buying boxes is to get a variety of sizes. Big boxes aren’t always the answer to all your packing needs. Their size can also make them less portable and harder to unpack. Make sure you invest in good-quality, solid boxes. If you’re on a budget, purchase the best options available for fragile valuables and mediocre ones for sturdy items.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is an essential packing material that you can never have enough of. It’s not only important to load up on tape rolls but also get the right ones for your needs. There’s a variety of sizes, colors and qualities of packing tapes available in the market. Once you’re done categorizing your belongings, you’ll know how to pack each set of things. For instance, if you’re packing a lot of things in one box, it’s better to seal the bottom flaps with duct tape, so that it doesn’t break under pressure. A less-adhesive packing tape will do for closing the top of small cartons.

Bubble Wrap

If you’ve been fond of collecting crystal pieces for home décor or own a number of dinner sets, you’d want to take them to your new home. The only problem is: how to transport them without breaking? Even though it sounds like a risky job, bubble wraps can save the day. Don’t try to recycle old bubble wraps because most likely you would’ve popped all the bubbles by them. You need a new bubble wrap to firmly wrap and tape your valuables. It’s better to buy more of them than less because double wrapping your most precious pieces only ensures their safety.


Even the sturdiest cardboard boxes can’t protect your fragile pieces from breaking if they suffer from impact. If you’re packing glassware and porcelain pieces in boxes, it’s better to line them up with Styrofoam first. You can cut them according to the size you need and layer the bottom and sides with it. This will reduce the capacity available to store your belongings. You might need more or larger boxes for packing.

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