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Back-Breaking Goodbyes! Mistakes That Can Make Move-Out Packing More Difficult

Even though some tasks are undeniably difficult, others are made difficult because you’re doing them wrong. Packing is one of them.

Your move-out can be a big success or a sweeping failure, depending on how you pack. You can either do it right and do it smartly, or just dump everything in boxes and tape it shut, to worry about it later. Moving out of your old abode and settling in a new one is not easy, we know. It’s not only physically exhausting—to pack your whole life in boxes—but also emotionally draining to part with your home.

What makes the ordeal even worse are the packing mistakes you make while boxing your belongings. We know you want to get done with it as soon as possible but putting some thought into the task can actually cut down the time it takes.

Here’s how moving out can be made time-saving instead of back-breaking.

You’re forgetting to Plan Ahead

Don’t think that packing is only a physical task that requires mindless boxing and taping. If you do, you’ll have trouble unpacking all that stuff later. It’s always better to plan ahead while packing.

Pick up a pen and a notebook and start jotting down your belongings under separate categories. Your categories can be divided according to labels such as “kitchen,” “toiletries,” “clothes,” “shoes,” etc.

This way you’ll save more time packing because you’ll waste less time stressing over where to start. Simply begin with one of the categories and move on to the next once done.

You don’t take enough time

Setting unrealistic goals for yourself can make the task very difficult. If you think you can pack the entire house in an hour, you’re in the wrong frame of mind. You need to give yourself enough time in order to do it right without breaking your back in the process. Lack of time is often the reason why you panic and make mistakes more than usual.

At best, you can fit in sufficient packing time for a one-bedroom or studio apartment in 2-3 days. Anything shorter than this is bound to fail. It’s always better to plan for more rather than run short of plan and do it all wrong at the last minute.

You Don’t have Enough Supplies

We know what it’s like to run out of packing tape when you’re in the middle of packing an over-loaded carton. What this means is: a) loss of efficiency because you were on a packing roll, and b) delays because you’ll have to make a quick run to the store. Even if you’re back in a jiff, you won’t be in the same headspace as before and would have to gear up from scratch.

Once you’re done making a list of things you own, estimate the number of boxes, tapes, spare scissors and bags you’ll need to fit all of that in. It’s safer to get supplies a little more than your estimate, just so that you don’t waste precious time.

You keep hoarding

One of the major reasons why packing is so difficult is because of the capitalist hoarder inside all of us.

Over the years, we buy things we’ll never need and amass a fortune that’s impossible to fit into boxes. Since they lie in the back of our closets or on the top shelves, we don’t bother to care for them. It’s only until we begin packing that we realize the need to give them away.

As a rule of thumb, separate your belongings in 3 categories: donations, trash, and recycling. Everything that you haven’t used in a year should go in one of these categories. You’ll realize you don’t need to waste energy packing half your belongings because the donation truck will be on its way to collect it.

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