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How To Pack Your Wardrobe While Moving

When moving day finally comes, you want to be prepared. It marks the start of a new journey, but a lot of work needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition. Most people dread moving day because of one particular reason: packing.

From dishes to wardrobe, each item requires a different level of care and planning. Unlike fragile items, you don’t have to worry about your clothes breaking. While this may tempt you to stuff all your clothes in boxes, it can cause quite a pain when unpacking. Also, who wants to toss their favorite Louis Vuitton dress in a cardboard box?

There’s an art to moving your wardrobe efficiently and here are some tips to help you pack your wardrobe like a pro.   

Time to get a wardrobe box

If you’ve not invested in a wardrobe box before, now’s the time! This is especially recommended for people with a lot of hanging items such as formal wear. Packing these items in a regular box would leave wrinkles and dust, leaving them in less than ideal condition.

As wardrobe boxes are equipped with rods, you can transfer your hanging clothes with ease. Wardrobe boxes usually come in large sizes so even after you’ve hung your clothes, there will be plenty of space left to utilize at the bottom of the box.

The only downside is one large wardrobe box could cost you $15 to $20. You may have to consider whether you have enough hanging clothes to make the investment worth it.  

Vacuum seal out-of-season clothes

You may be surprised by the amount of clothes you have once you start packing. Also, clothes take up more space than you think! You could fill a small box just with a couple of heavy sweaters. Vacuum seal bags are a great way to flatten garments that you don’t intend on using for a while and are taking up a lot of space.

The seal keeps the clothes fresh and protects them from dust so you won’t have to wash them before you decide to wear them!  

Make use of suitcases

While cardboard boxes are a decent substitute, suitcases are the perfect mode of transport for your clothes. They provide ample space and are much more robust compared to cardboard boxes. You can save space by rolling your clothes into small bundles. Packing in a suitcase also means you end up saving the money spent on tens of moving boxes!

When packing your wardrobe, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to pack everything. While clearing out your closet, you’ll often comes across clothes that you never wear anymore. Now’s the perfect time to sell or donate these clothes and lighten your load!

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